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RoHS 2007 Update



RoHS  Lead Free is coming :=
 July 2006 saw the introduction of the Lead Free directive. Which came into play under the new RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive. 

Quite where it will all end up is still a big puzzle some large users are successfully making the change, but it's anyone's guess as to what we will all end up using. Little doubt that Lead is hazardous in the wrong places, but questions remain as to whether circuit boards are the wrong place. Lets hope that its replacement is less toxic and can be proved to work reliably.

We noticed with great interest that some of the early companies that changed over to an almost pure tin solder, have suffered irreparable damage to their plant. It appears that once stainless steel has lost its protective oxide film, molten tin readily dissolves it.

As a PCB manufacturer Lead free isn't a big problem, tin, gold, silver, and OSP finishes all comply. The downside is mainly on the assembly side,  as tin lead HASL finish was a very good all rounder. It gave boards a good shelf life followed by problem free assemble and a long joint life for the components. Thick tin along with silver were rejected years ago because of high risk of the metal migrating across the circuit board, creating metal shorts. All that's required is a little moisture combined with electricity and the fun begins. Thin silver, gold, and tin all have short shelf lives and quickly become difficult to solder. Most boards can be stripped and reworked so it's not all bad. Some excellent photos of tin whiskers and a great deal of detailed information can be found on the NASA web site. 2013 Whiskers are still in the news interesting article and pdf download on the electronic design website.

The IPC have a Lead Free Forum that's starting to get some input, if you are after more information its well worth a look and can be found at;  www.ipc.org 

The UK DTI have now produced a very informative document can be downloaded from the DTI website. RoHS_Regs_Draft_Guidance.pdf

The main section of the DTI website dealing with RoHS Regulations can be found at


Other sites well worth a look at are;


If you have any questions please feel free to consult us on Lead Free issues.


RoHS 2007 Update

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