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Printed circuit board Manufacturer, Photoplotting Established 1964  All types of Pcb, surface mount sm, PTH, SS single     UK Printed Circuit Board manufacturers. UK PCB Manufacture since 1964. single sided SS PCB, PTH PCB, IMS PCB, PCB JPG, DFX PCB

ML multi layer printed circuit board  prototypes. Cheap high quality PCBs Printed circuit boards. Fast cheap UK Prototype PCB

Printed circuit boards tooled up from Gerber,JPG,DXF,and most common file types, or camera ready artworks either 2:1 or 1:1 std scale.

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We can use the CNC machines to cut sideways with special toolbits called routers. This can be to mill out large holes, slots, cutouts, or even to profile the individual circuit boards on a panel, after which the are often left connected by small lug's. Soon after we received our first Mape CNC drilling machine it was dutifully named Plip, which then became our non-industry standard word used to describe those connecting lug's. To this day I don't know what the correct word is. 


The normal and cheapest tool size used for profiling is 2.4mm but we also stock a lot of other sizes. Smallest size normally used is 0.6mm, but if possible its a lot cheaper to use a larger size. The machines or maybe the operators are very clever so far we have successfully routed out all the weird and wonderful shapes that have been requested. Its worth noting that routing with the smaller tools does incur a price surcharge. 


If your printed circuit board has an odd profile or complicated internal slots it can often greatly assist if your create an extra Gerber layer with the routing detail on it.

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