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Stoneswood Mill + Pictures Old & New 2


Many thanks to Mr. Greenwood for these photographs taken inside Stoneswood Mill Picker Works approx. 1910. He spotted and rescued them after they had been thrown away on what is now our upper car park.  

Click on photo's to enlarge



stoneswood_mill-1aa.jpg (69986 bytes)


stoneswood mill-1eaa.jpg (88997 bytes)


Two belt driven guillotines on the ground floor.  Exposed blades and belts just a few Health and safety problems by modern standards.

Suspect workings of the steam engine can been seen in the opening at the rear in this enlargement of the photo to the left. 


stoneswood mill-2aa.jpg (60614 bytes)   stoneswood mill-2eaa.jpg (95877 bytes)

 View of first floor. Interesting to note the ware and tear on the building. But worth noting that the mill was well over 100 years old at the time. 


Enlargement of the press ?? from photo left.  Am told that the man with suit and tie was Mr. Walton.  


stoneswood mill-3aa.jpg (68669 bytes)

Men hard at work on the Top floor  scraping the hides

Many thanks to www.todchat.com for this last pair of photos


stonescardfront.jpg (32151 bytes)

stonescardback.jpg (14316 bytes)

A 1903 Edwardian Representatives Trade Calling Card for our mill. Instructions on reverse side mentioning that the Pickers are to be steeped in Sperm Oil and hung in a dry, cool place until ready for use.

 Definition of a Picker Maker:- 

They made the "Pickers" — strong, leather attachments fitted to each side of a weaving loom, used to drive the shuttle across the loom.

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