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Stoneswood Mill + Pictures Old & New 1


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Stoneswood Mill 1999,


Picture taken at 7:20am on the 22nd of April. After a long climb up the opposite hillside. 



Stoneswood Mill 2013,


Picture taken at 8:11am on the 10th of October. After another long climb up the hill.


Hilltop View, with Stoodley Pike in the background. High-res Photo

Hilltop View looking towards Hebden Bridge, Taken from the hillside behind Stoneswood Mill.

High-res Photo

Panoramic View of Bacup Road Todmorden.

Panoramic View of Bacup Road.   High-res Photo

Picture copied from Roger Birch’s Todmorden Album ISBN 0 95 09100 0 7 Text states Waltons Picker Works Stoneswood Mill. Mr Walton is the man in the dark suit. The picture was taken on the first floor of our mill. >


Stoneswood Mill c. 1910

Stoneswood Mill c.1910,



  Stoneswood Mill 1977

Picture mainly of the lower mill back in 1977. Note the high tech cars, and old telegraph pole, long since departed. 


 Stoneswood Mill 1988

Upper mill 1988. Its clear to see both the neglect and abuse that had taken its toll on the building. A crash course on window glazing was to follow, as the local vandals had only left a few pains of glass intact.   


Unhappy Mill 1988  

  Stoneswood Mill 1988

View of the top end before external restoration.




Same view again, but now with new a few improvements.


Old Mill Photo's 2


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