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WEB Copy Of CAIRNS Mocyc Sales Sheet



The first all BRITISH designed and manufactured power assisted cycle. Effortless cycling--the stiffest hills being easily negotiated--quiet and comfortable to ride-extremely economical. The Cairns MOCYC brings a new meaning to cycling for both young and old. For the daily worker it is NOT a LUXURY, it is a NECESSITY. For weekend pleasure your range of activity can easily be doubled. You will enjoy every minute spent on you MOCYC and rapidly become an enthusiast.   




FRAME.   Best quality steel tubes, steel lugs, cranked seat and chain stays. Sizes 22 in. and 24 in. Lugs individually brazed  :  FORKS.  Best quality steel blades, slotted for quick release, with butted steering tubes  :  WHEELS. 26 in. X 1 3/8in. (22in. frame), 28 in. X 1 1/2 in. (24 in. frame).  Westwood chrome rims, rustless spokes, best quality chromium plated hubs. FREEWHEEL. Eighteen teeth, bright plated  :  CHAIN. 1/2 in. X 1/8 in. pitch rollers. PEDALS. Rubber.  :  HANDLEBARS AND BRAKES. Heavily chromed plated North Road raised pattern (or flat type upturned, as required) with roller lever brakes. SADDLE. Best quality, large type, well sprung  :  MUDGARDS. Heavy gauge roadster pattern, deep valanced.   FINISH  :  Best quality azure blue stoved enamel, mudguards in ivory. Available also in a large number of colours if required, at a slight extra charge.  :  EQUIPMENT includes pump, toolbag, tools, rear number plate and hockey stick guard. Usual cycle extras can be supplied.  

Particular attention is paid to the construction and assembly of all parts. Every joint of the frame is hand made by craftsmen to ensure a perfect job, and whilst modern works methods are in evidence throughout the factory, care and attention to detail is the main link in our chain of production.



Precision made to the highest Engineering Standard

Aluminium cylinder and detachable aluminium head. Capacity 49 cc. Liner, piston and rings by Wellworthy. Carburettor Amal Single lever control. Decompressor. Wico-Pacy Bantamag. Champion 14mm. plug. Drive :  direct on to front tyre. Tank capacity :  1/3 gallon. Crusing speed :  18-20 m.p.h. 


Note These Points

1  Up to 225 Miles per gallon     

2  Road Tax 17/6 per annum 

3  ENGINE UNIT fits any cycle 4  Engine weight approx 20 lb
5  Only one engine control 6  Does not affect steering
7  Quiet running 8  Easily lifted, takes no more room than   an ordinary cycle
9  Tyre wear negligible 10  Engine can be instantly disengaged for normal cycling at any time


Due to fluctuating costs of materials, prices are quoted separately on the attached sheet

Available on Hire Purchase terms

AGENTS and DISTRIBUTORS terms quoted on application

Engine Unit manufactured under license from the G.Y.S. Engineering co. Ltd., by our associated company, Automotive Components Ltd., Stoneswood, Todmorden.




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